United Counties Showground. Carmarthen

15th to 20th July 2019

Sweden Team

Sweden Open Team

Caroline Claeson

28 years old. Riding Sebastiaan 14 years old. Been in the Swedish team on Sebastian since 2015, part from 2015 when we did european individuals and made the semifinals. World pairs finalist 2018.

Quentin Voeltzel

Quentin is 34 years old, riding Suleyman de VIKENTO who is 14 years old. Quentin represented Sweden last year at the Europeans in France and the Worlds in Belgium. Quentin and Suleyman has competed together on and off since Suleyman got broken in at home on La Bonde. Together they won the World team championships for France in 2016 in Ireland.

Ulrika Voeltzel

Ulrika is 31 years old, riding Orchidee du Hallier who is 16 years old. Ulrika represented Sweden for the first time at the Worlds in 2006. Ulrika and Orchidee has competed together since 2015. Together they won Intercounties in 2016 with Royal Berkshire.

Erik Svenningsson

Erik Svenningsson 18 years old, riding Lillevangs Caisa, 9 years old, New Forest pony. Erik was in the Swedish European and worlds u17 team 2018. He’s competed in games for 4 years and his pony caisa has competed in games for 2 years. Before Erik started doing games he competed in show jumping. U17 Sw reserve individual champion 2018 U17 nordic reserve pair champ 2018 U17 Sw reserve pair champ 2018 U17 Sw reserve team champ 2017 U17 nordic team champ 2018 GHS reserve team champ 2019

Hanna Kindholm 25 years old.

I’m riding my pony Camè who is 12 years old and she’s been mine for 7 years now. We have done a season in England together, won the Swedish individuals, Nordic individuals and Nordic pairs 3 years in a row. Last year we were in the world pairs final and ended up 5th. We have represented Sweden since 2014 and done a couple of A finals. She’s my partner in crime and a true best friend.

Steven Chorley

My name is Steven Chorley , 35 years old. I train Sweden and I’m epic. I’ve ridden at top level for many years and now focusing those skills learned by passing them on to my beloved Sweden.