Official correspondence should be sent to Charlotte:- 

All other enquires to be channelled through your team host 

Team Host Coordinator  Cerys Zerk

Team Host  for New Zealand Open & Under 17’s teams Gabriel Jenvey

Team Host  for Denmark Open & Under 17’s teams Diane Herbert

Team Host  for Norway and Sweden Open & Under 17’s teams Josefin Whitney

Team Host  for Scotland Open & Under 17’s teams Sophie Morris

Team Host  for England and Wales Open & Under 17’s teams Gwen Williams

Team Host  for Ireland  Open & Under 17’s teams Ruth Jones

Team Host  for Belgium and France Open & Under 17’s teams Lily Antcliff

Team Host  for Canada Open  team Jade Newcombe

Team Host  for USA Open and Under 17’s  teams Emily Adams Norton

Team Host  for Northern Ireland  Open  team Dion Walters

Team Host  for South Africa  Open  team Mollie Knight-Eddings

Team Host  for Australia and Switzerland Open and Under 17’s  teams Cerys Zerk

You can contact your Team Host by filling in information request in form below